SVEA Contract

La Benda

VERSATILITY OF CONSTRUCTION Just like its great predecessors from the turn of the XIX century, LA BENDA was designed as a versatile piece of furniture. The armchair is light, thus easy to move and rearrange. It is also resistant to mechanical damage with its reinforced back and bottom designs. LA BENDA fits perfectly into most interiors because of a small number of elements. Furthermore, it does not dominate in furniture compositions, subtly completing the designer’s idea. PEDRO SALGADO LA BENDA, the name through its feminine sound fits perfectly to a chair that was created to easily adapt to the body, and that is also easy to slide, move and stack.


PL-2960B La Benda

Karmstol helt i trä. Bok natur, bets eller lackad.

PL-2960B UPH La Benda

Klädd sits, rygg i trä. Bok natur/bets/lack.

PL-2961B UPH La Benda

Klädd sits och rygg. Bok natur/bets/lack.